L.J. Rogers is committed to filling our carrier partners’ empty lanes with quality traffic, reasonable rates, and a quick payment plan. But, the benefits go beyond just freight opportunities. Our registered carriers also have an incredible opportunity to grow their business with L.J. Rogers for years to come.

The relationships we have with our carriers are critical to the success of our business. If you’re interested in becoming a contract carrier with L.J. Rogers, we encourage you to download our Carrier packet files below and complete the following documents.
  • Information Sheet
  • Carrier References
  • MC Authority Certificate
  • Carrier Agreement
  • Property Broker's Trust Fund Agreement
  • Quickpay

For more information about becoming a contract carrier with L.J. Rogers, please click here.

Carrier document requirements:

  • L.J. Rogers must be listed as the Certificate Holder
  • Minimum requirements are $100,000 Cargo and $1,000,000 Liability
  • List of Cargo Exclusions must be sent over with the Certificate e.g. cotton, electronics, tobacco, liquor, unattended vehicle.

We’ll fax you a load confirmation which identifies all fuel and accessory charges. Please sign and fax it back. If the amount does not match, please contact the dispatcher immediately.

L.J. Rogers offers two payment plans. We do not give advances.

  • Quick Pay Payment Plan - Fee will be 2% of the full rate or $20.00, whichever is greater. Pay out time is 10 days from receipt of invoice.
  • Standard Payment Plan - Normal payment method is 30 days from receipt of the invoice with the proper proof of delivery.
  • Identify your preferred payment plan and return the form with your confirmation. Alterations to your payment plan choice must be made in writing.